Don’t ask the sleeping people

How do you breathe? How do you put your clothes on? How do you go on and on? What is there to do? Nothing and nothing. You go on with your life as if death isn’t in the surroundings as if flowers aren’t being crushed every day. You stare at screens and read some books.… Continue reading Don’t ask the sleeping people


Ten rounds around the sun

Social media has created a havoc! Unconsciously clicking likes and  watching stories, looking at some random profile on Instagram  when you suddenly realize ‘what the heck am i doing!’ There’s a vast inner world within you, and yet, you keep looking outside, living outside, instead of within. instead of working on blurring the boundaries between… Continue reading Ten rounds around the sun


Bombay wanderings..

An old post from 2015.

aditi premankit

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences. There’s no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon..”

~Into the wild.
              She stepped down on the railway platform, a silly smile on her face. Finally, she thought. Finally, here she was, in Mumbai, alone. She had come to the big city few times now and was quite familiar with the local trains, few roads and all. Yet, this trip, this time, it was different.
    Unlike everytime, she wasnt going to stay at her bestie’s place. She was goin to stay alone, roam about alone, all alone, on her own! The one thing that she had longed to do for a few months now. And this time it was a perfect opportunity. She had other friends from college whose place she…

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Memories in a box

Minds are fascinating,they pull memories weirdlyrandomlyand attached with themare the emotional files,coloured and uncoloured,some categorised, someunsorted.. Minds linked to the body,makes the whole thing shakeat the tiniest memoryfusedwith rage, with grief,with joy, with sweetness. Some memories are lockedin a special box,only to be opened inthe midst of self-pity,and bouts of wallowingin guilt or regrets. One… Continue reading Memories in a box