Music I Love, Reflections

Swallowed Whole in Negatives

Standing in the sun,

I feel the heat, slightly burning

on the skin.

A whisper of the breeze

soothes the skin,

as if an omen,

saying, ‘It’s okay..

And the voice of Eddie Vedder

in my ears,

"Swallowed whole in negatives, 
it's so sad and sickening,
feel the air up above, 
oh, pool of blue sky..."

I look up at the blue sky,

and the lush greenness below,

wondering when did I stop listening to Music.

The waving trees smile

as I promise to listen to Music more often.

It’s freeing, the music

frees you from your negative thoughts

that are swallowing you up,

it cleans up the space in mind.

Music. ❤️🎧

~ ~ ~ ~

Unthought Known by Pearl Jam
The blues and the greens. Photo by Aditi Premankit


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