Day 30 of 365 Days of Abundance – End of Month 1

Update on the first month of my 365 days of Abundance!

Blooming in Abundance

This is the end of the first month since I started 365 days of abundance.

Already, so many good things have started happening.

These are the things that I learned and noticed :

1. We (my husband and I) received some reimbursement money. It does feel good to have some amount saved again.

Abundance brings gratefulness, and gratefulness in turn brings more abundance. I’m starting to understand this now.

2. We stopped worrying too much about bills. Ofcourse, there are still days when we worry about bills and payments, but now our focus shifts on abundance, on how much we already have.

We recognize how this is a phase of growth.

3. We also found a tenant for the property, for a lesser rent, but somehow we feel grateful for it. A little bit of extra income is better than none.

The Universe always replies, when you keep looking.

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