What is curiosity?

Have you ever been bitten by the bug of curiosity? The one that makes you question and wonder, making your eyes go wide with awe and amazement..

Have you ever looked at the stars twinkling and wondered what could be beyond them?

Have you ever let your imagination run wild? Imagining places and things and a world where everything was beautiful?

Have you wondered and questioned your own behaviour? Doesn’t it make you intrigued, what you do and why you do it that way?

Have you ever asked yourself what your beliefs are deep down and why do you have them?

Do you ever wonder where did you come from? Are you just made up of cells and all things bio or are you something more? Where did the universe came from? Is there a God, Self, Source, Higer Power.. or are you an atheist? An agnostic? What led you to believe or disbelieve?

Do you just go on living your life every day or do you wonder about how the water flows in a river? How do the leaves flow with the breeze? How do the flowers bloom? How do the clouds move? How does the rain fall?

No, do not go and say the answers you have been taught. Forget science for a moment. Forget what you were taught or even what you learned.

Just observe anything around you.

What do you observe?

Doesn’t it make you go wide-eyed with awe?!

That’s what curiosity is.

~ ~ ~ ~

Pink-purplish coloured sky with clouds, above a lake.
Have you ever wondered what is beyond the skies, beyond the universe?

Featured and above image: Photo by Aditi Premankit, at Paritalav (translated as Fairies’ Lake)


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