Who invented the word Routine?

Day after day,

you watch the Sun rise every morning,

you watch the Sun set every evening.

Today, as it was hiding behind the clouds,

you wondered,

‘Does it never tire of going on the same path?

same routine?

Rising and setting like clockwork.

The ancient sundials and clocks were made based on

Sun’s movements.

Isn’t the routine boring?’

The Sun replied, coming out of the clouds,

‘How can it be boring?

Each day, the patterns of clouds are different.

Some days, a clear, cloudless sky

and I shine brighter.

Some days, I hide whole day

behind the dark rainy clouds.

Some days are short, some evenings longer.

How can it be routine when each day is different?’

You stare at the glowing Sun,

wondering who invented the word ‘routine’.

They would’ve felt dull with their everyday life.

But look at the Sun,

for centuries, the same job,

giving and giving light, heat,

keeping the planets in line with gravity,

burning slowly towards death

and still being a Star.

~ ~ ~ ~

Featured image: Photo by Aditi Premankit


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