The sun hasn’t risen yet

The sun hasn’t risen yet,

it’s a dark morning.

The same grass that looks green in the day

is now a dark grey.

Except the lights of buildings,

everything is wrapped in darkness,


If you keep waiting patiently,

even when your world is wrapped in darkness,

in coldness,

the sun would rise.

Even before it rises,

the sun spreads its light

signalling its arrival.

Suddenly you would see the greens mixed with the greys.

You would seethe clouds covering the blue sky.

If you wait patiently,

the colours and light will be back.

Patience — not so easy to have, and to keep

but sitting alone in darkness

and keeping aside all the to-do things

for an hour,

the thoughts go haywire, between past and future,

but soon the heart takes over

and the silence of the present

brings calmness,


There are always things to-do,

but these dark mornings are

where quiet magical contemplation happens.

And there’s no escaping it,

if only you have patience.

~ ~ ~ ~

Featured image: Photo by Aditi Premankit


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