The sun hasn’t risen yet

The sun hasn’t risen yet, it’s a dark morning. The same grass that looks green in the day is now a dark grey. Except the lights of buildings, everything is wrapped in darkness, quietness. If you keep waiting patiently, even when your world is wrapped in darkness, in coldness, the sun would rise. Even before… Continue reading The sun hasn’t risen yet


Fleeting rainbows

It had rained, and the sun was out from behind the clouds. I searched for the rainbow, didn’t find it, instead looked at the faraway clouds, their whiteness and darkness mixed up in greys. I turned my head and there it was, the lonely illusion, a rainbow. I stared at it, identifying the colours visible… Continue reading Fleeting rainbows

Poems I Love, Reflections

Where is ‘me’?

I’ve been afraid of fame, for a long time now. Of people knowing my name. I like being in the shadows, I’ve stayed anonymous on the internet and loved it. Today, reading a poem by Hafiz led me to thinking. Where is ‘me’, where is Aditi? It’s just a name, a vehicle to be known… Continue reading Where is ‘me’?


Why hide and escape?

Sometimes, words just overflow. Sometimes, they are silent in awe of Life, of the beauty of Life and Nature. Sometimes, they want to be heard. Sometimes, they want to hide from the cruelty, from the harshness that is a part of Life, a part of Nature. The cold winter is essential. So is the spring,… Continue reading Why hide and escape?


moving here to there to here

days and months and then years, started from here, went there, made it a home, and moving back to here, back to where we started. there’s a thrill in this. an adventure. like a flowing river, never staying at the same place for long. so long. isn’t life like this? life and death. we begin… Continue reading moving here to there to here