What are you rooting for?

Who is a writer?

A writer is someone who writes, learns and understands the whole movement of life and lets that understanding reflect in his/her writing.

Then why all this fear? Why all this focus on earning money? On earning a name?

Because you feel conflicted. The conflict is about writing vs. earning money. You want to write but you also want to earn money. It troubles you to see him frustrated because of financial issues. It troubles you to not have any financial freedom. It troubles you that you cannot even think of going out with him alone because of finances. It troubles you that you are just staying at home. It troubles you that you are still not getting married. It troubles you that you cannot dream of going on a honeymoon. It troubles you that there are so many troubles yet you ought to be positive. It troubles you that you are losing your identity under all the pressure from other people around you….your parents, his parents. What happened to that rebellious person who always rooted for freedom? Why does she not say anything to being chained down now?

What is your identity that you like being identified with? Stay as that. Do not label yourself the way people around you label you. Do not see yourself through their eyes.

I am the one who roots for freedom. For Nature that heals and restores me. For words that soothe and touch my heart. I am the one who roots for humanity, and all its emotions. Who still believes in the goodness of it all. I am the one who belives in ‘Live and Let Live’. I am the one who experiences Life and wants to experience Life in all its fullness. To be fully alive each moment. I am. Freedom. Nature. Humanity. Life itself. In its wholeness.

~ ~ ~ ~

Featured image: Photo by Aditi Premankit


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