Quotes I Love, Reflections

Such hypocrisy!

This is how the world spins.

There are thousands of quotes and advices

on being authentic, being true to yourself,

being yourself as you are,

but the world doesn’t accept it

when one person

takes a stand

to be true to themselves,

to not follow things blindly,

they are made to stop it,

to give in,

to follow just like everybody else.

And when asked a simple question,

‘Give me a reason why must I do it?’

the answer is,

‘Because the whole world does it. Because you will be considered crazy if you don’t.’

Why don’t we have the courage

to be supportive of someone

who is trying to find their own path?

Such hypocrisy!

Be authentic,

but only after you follow,

only after you become a slave to the system.

Be yourself,

but only after you stop questioning,

only after you join the herd again.

~ ~ ~ ~

Featured image: Photo by Aditi B.



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