Fluttery and free

I was lost in these alleys

of the worldly matters,

of people and their behavior,

wanting to make it better,

wanting to make a difference,

when all i ever wanted

was to be in Love..


and lost

in Love..

and then a beautiful piece of music

knocks on my head,

bringing me to my senses..

The way i was living these days

wasn’t how i wanted to live Life..

I wanted to live each moment,

wholly, completely..

And yet, here i was hiding in alleys,

not wanting to face the world..

Why was there this need, this want

to make the world around me a little better?

What if i let go

and lived as it was?

Was that going to shackle me, or set me free?

Instead of trying to make the world a better place,

i could keep searching for the beauty it already harbors,

like the beautiful piece of music

or a plant shining its leaves in the sun..

Coz what’s the point of making the world a better place

if it makes my own heart bitter and hard?

I absolutely cannot live like that..

Hearts are meant to be soft, fluttery and free..

Let them be..



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