Uncertainty and dreams

I’m neither here nor there.

I left that home long back,

and i don’t belong to this ‘would-be’ new home yet.

I’m neither here nor there.

Uncertainty in every aspect of life.

The certainty, the known is so warm, comfortable.

This not-knowing brings a dark feeling.

Loneliness wraps itself around me like a blanket,

it’s comfortable for tonight.

Tomorrow, i have things to do, all the daily routine of work

and coming back to an empty room.

But tonight, i want to dream.

Of a home of my own.

A place i decorate in a way i want,

not to have to adjust from all the old and previous things that they have.

I want to decorate and put my own essence to it.

But it makes me sad coz that’s never going to happen.

Even after i ‘belong’ to the new home.

But tonight, i can dream.

Of a place with books and soft textures,

with lots of sunlight through the windows

and flowers in pots.

Uncertainty can stay if it wants,

doesn’t matter any more,

coz i have these dreams

of my own beautiful place

that i can call home..


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