Why this inconsistency?


Why are we this inconsistent?

Our minds, our hearts, our focus,

even our emotions,

waver again and again..

Rumi asks,

“Shams, why this inconsistency?

That we live within love

and yet we run away?”

For the last few days, my emotions have been so erratic that yesterday when i read these lines, it made me stop in my tracks and ask, why why why? When we live within Love, why do we run away? Why do we try to push away? Why this inconsistency?

Why cannot we just live within this Love?

Like a flower floating along with the stream..

Why do we forget in the chores of our daily lives, that all around us there’s only this Love..

Where isn’t Love not present? It’s only bcoz we stop looking for it that we find ourselves inconsistent with life and love.

But where isn’t Love not present?

Love is there in the rain drops gently sliding from the leaves..

Love is there in a blooming flower that radiates with colors..

Love is there even in the tiredness after a long day at work..

Love is there in smiles, in laughter, in late-night talks..

Love is there even in the haywire emotions..

Love is there in relationships, in friendships

and even in the breeze that carries away the dry leaves..

Maybe then, in a way, there is no inconsistency.. It’s only our forgetfulness. When emotions and daily activities of life take hold of us, we complain bcoz we forget. We forget that Love is always around us. It’s not Love that is inconsistent, it’s our own perspectives.

We can be childish and have a joyous, loving perspective, that Love surrounds us, no matter what..

Or we can be cynical and have an adult realistic perspective that every thing in life is dull and boring..

I forget too, but i’d rather have a childish carefree imagination, even if it is not realistic. But for me, Love is present everywhere.. It’s only my memories and perspective that are inconsistent.. When i remember again, i won’t run away. Coz, love is all there is.



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