All that we do is a striving
for some goal or another,
that’s what makes it tiring
one striving after another..

Contentment isn’t another striving
or another goal,
it comes about when we drop
all the striving,
it comes about on knowing
that what we have is enough,
that there is absolutely no need for any striving..

For days, i wondered
why some people are the way they are,
not realizing that it was another striving, another goal,
to change them, to make them understand
that i’m human too..
even wanting to understand why they are like that
was a striving..

but striving is always tiring..
and when you drop the striving,
when all those answers don’t matter anymore,
contentment naturally follows,
a quiet happiness blooms in the heart..

Just being,
brings contentment..


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