Wipe away the fogginess

i was being selfish,

i was craving for more,

i was yearning for what’s gone,

for attention,

desires made me irritating,

patience was lost,

i just wanted more

something more..

as i looked in the blurred foggy mirror,

i couldn’t recognize myself,

this wasn’t who i was,

this wasn’t how i wanted to be..

and yet.. there i was..

selfish, craving, yearning, irritated with egoic desires..

so i wipe away the fogginess in the mirror..

to be who i am..


not bounded by ego or desires.

what would happen if those desires don’t get fulfilled for now?

so what if they don’t get fulfilled?

time’s not right..

everything happens at the right time..

~ let me be content. let me not crave and desire for what is not possible for now. burn those desires away for now. i want nothing more, except what i have now.. let me not forget what i have now.. ~


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