What does it matter?

What does it matter? What does it matter? Everything and everyone will turn to ashes. What does it matter? Their thoughts and their opinions, what they think of you will vanish. What does it matter? Even your own opinions and thoughts and feelings will disappear. What does it matter? How they think and behave, even… Continue reading What does it matter?


Fighting the current?

Situations keep changing, changing, changing. You either have to change and adapt with them or.. Or you keep fighting, resisting, until you realize that resisting is just a waste of your energy and peace of mind.. so in the end, you accept.. and go along with the situations. No use fighting the current when you… Continue reading Fighting the current?

Quotes I Love

What if you could wipe out all the poets and their poetry?

But if you could for a time wipe out all the poets and all their poetry from the world, then you would soon discover, by their very absence, where the men of action got their energy from, and who really supplied the life-sap to their harvest-field. It is not those who have plunged deep down… Continue reading What if you could wipe out all the poets and their poetry?