Same life, alive

coolness of AC in the car
slow music in the headphones
gazing out the window
at people
at clouds
and as the cab stops at a signal,
i notice a Tulsi plant in a pot
with red kumkum on it
and i smile at it..

Everything is life..
Life is everything..
Life is so easy..
Nature always shows in her mysterious ways
it’s so easy to live, to grow, to be..
But our minds complicate everything..

And all it takes is a moment of awareness
to look at life
a plant
or a bird
or a flower..
a moment to look at life
and be life..

Just be..

and then
i keep seeing
more and more life..
everything is a different expression of Life..
different trees and leaves,
different flowers,
different people,
and yet… all of them are life.
same life is pulsing in everyone
same life
is alive
in all of us..

then why all this separation
and me better than you
these divisions and egos..
why not be
this same throbbing life..
in all of us..

in her,
in him,
in them,
in us,
in me..


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