Music I Love, Reflections

As I burn another page – Music

“Something’s getting in the way..
Something’s just about to break..
I will try to find my place..
In the diary of Jane..
As i burn another page
As i look the other way
I still try to find my place
In the diary of Jane..
So tell me..
How it should be?”

This destructive side within me keeps resurfacing from time to time. And i feel like wanting to destroy everything. Every. Single. Thing. It burns more than rage and fury. More than anything else, i want to destroy myself. My own mind, esp the past things, my own reactions and judgements. Every single thing. But it doesn’t destroy anything, it just rages like an ocean storm.

And i don’t know how to handle it except letting it out by listening to that kind of music and being alone.


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