erase the traces

suddenly the tears flow
and i want to erase
all the traces i left
all the traces i make…

i want to erase it all
this me-ness
this wanting appreciation or approval

i want to tear it all out
esp this heart
rip it out of the ribs
these emotions storm within
i want to drown in the raging waves
so much that not a voice is heard
so much that these voices within are silenced forever
so much that nothing else remains..
except Love..
if only Love could save me..
if only Love would save me..
where are you, Love, among all these raging voices, i can’t hear you,
i can’t feel you,
did i lose you or did you leave me?
if you’re within my heart, why can’t i feel you?
why do i act so stupidly?
why do i still have insecurities?
why don’t you change these insecurities, Love? why don’t you make them vanish with your power or magic?
i’m tired of all of it..
so very tired..


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