Ripples of beauty

The sun is setting far away..
Little rays of light 
shine through the leaves..
Buildings, wires obstruct them
but do they really?
Rain made the air cool
and the breezes seem charming
inviting to stay here outside..

so i sit under the trees
watching the leaves dance again
the water in the puddles ripple again
music in the earphones 
is making me feel carefree again
like i can walk on the edge
and not be afraid of falling
and not be afraid of anything..
These few moments
and nothing matters at all..
Just this..
Why do we miss this
when it’s all right here?
the repetitiveness of everyday life
makes us numb
to this beauty around
but all we have to do
is stop
sit quietly
and let the breezes speak
let the skies speak
let the leaves and raindrops speak..

Be quiet
and let your surroundings
ripple within you..


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