This beingness

there’s this knowing again..
the stillness and a space..
without any effort at all..
There’s nothing to do,
nothing to not do,
everything keeps flowing
so freely
this life..

There’s nothing to achieve
nothing to succeed at
nothing to fail from
nothing to remember
nothing to forget..

There’s nothing to be insecure of
nothing to secure
nothing to seek
nothing to hold on to
nothing to let go of..

There’s nothing to realize
nothing to be disillusioned from
nothing to believe
nothing to not believe
nothing to be free of..

There’s nothing to trust or distrust..
nothing to fear
nothing to have courage
nothing to enjoy
nothing to grieve..

There is just this..

and this knowingness
springs from within
but there’s no within or out,
everything is just a huge flowingness
huge beingness
encompassing all the dualities
and there’s just this…
this beingness..

and the wordless joy
follows this knowingness
this beingness
as the whole universe
seems like a part of this beingness
one flow
and knowing
that there is no separation, no union,
this ‘i’ am always You
always One..
always here..
always being..
this beingness
that i am, is You..


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