Music I Love, Reflections

I will tell my heart – Music

Break of day – Tenth Avenue North

Even if i fall a thousand times
i\’ll keep calling Your name..
waiting for the break of day..

Thinking about death, decay or endings doesn’t bring the acceptance. It’s the thinking about coming and goings, the impermanence and fragility of life that brings about the acceptance. Acceptance of this moment, of how everything is just the way it is, even the feelings and irritations, everything.. everything comes and goes. All i can do is let it be. It\’s more relaxing than the constant struggle. I was tired of the continuous struggle, and i had forgotten how to let it be, but reading something and listening to this Heart again, taught some wisdom.. Why struggle so much, when i can relax and let everything be as it is? And suddenly there’s so much space, as all the struggle vanishes. Now the Heart can be the way it is. Carefree. Fearless. Thoughtless. Loving.


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