Rules in the maze

~ days go by
here i am
going through
this life’s maze.

no way in or out.

just keep going
in circles
and squares.

no one to hear your screams
or your silent sobs.

physical tiredness
and continuous running around
in the maze
makes you dizzy
utterly detached.

not even death
can cure this anymore.

all you can do
is wait.
wait for the end.
not the end of the maze
coz it’s an endless maze
but the end of hoping
the end of trying to find a way out.
but the intricate maze
so well-woven
you can’t not look for a way out.

tiredness gets replaced by
detached acceptance
of doing whatever everyone else wants you to do.
what can you do,
when there’s nothing left
to even make them understand
to even get up from the bed
yet you do all
wearing masks after masks
of laughter and enjoying the maze.
it’s not fake, yet it is.

you want to sit and relax
but others don’t allow it.
you can’t just sit and relax.
there aren’t any rules in the maze
yet they make rules
and want everyone to enjoy in their way.

so be it.. ~


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