Heavy rain, thunder and storm.
I used to love the fragility and beauty of nature. But this, wrath of nature, the scarier looking winds and rain if bound to destroy something. The long trees trying to stay put against the strong wind, the sound of thunder and lightning now and then. People running and looking for shelter.

I’m even more in love with this side of nature, the destructiveness looming on the edge of horizon and then destroying everything we seem to give so much value to. For nature, it’s nothing.
It’s like acknowledging this destructive side within me that sometimes tries to creep up, and sometimes i let it, coz just like nature, everything is nothing for me. The coldness for everything and everyone is so much sometimes, it doesn’t even scare me anymore. The only thing that scares me is hurting others, which is why i keep a distance when the storm rages.

And gratefully, the rain, thunder and storm doesn’t last forever. After a while it goes away, leaving some destruction as well as quietness. And people and trees and life, continue to thrive on.


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