Outer and inner

Outside in the campus..
huge shady trees
birds chirping
flowers too
all so well-maintained
so fresh and feel-good..

And inside..
Humans swarming like ants.
Sick, diseased.
So many.
Frustrated doctors trying to treat them as fast as they could.
The smell, the atmosphere.
Everything going to decay..

And the contrast..
between the outer and inner..

Are they compensating the inner sickness
with outer greenery and life?

I don’t get it!

Suddenly seeing so many people sick
makes me sick
of life
and living..
of everything..

what is the point?
when everything will end up in the gutters and the body getting burnt..

what is the point?
when so many medicines are used each day,
but not an ounce of patience or kindness or compassion..

what is the point?
when we want a cure so bad, we can’t even wait in line.
Our number is more important than patience,
letting another go ahead means war.
‘You can’t get ahead of me.’

what is the point?
when in this human hospital,
i can barely see any humanity..


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