Do you need a guide?

i wanted someone to guide me always
but never found a guide
to lead on..
all the others leaving
at one point or another..
no one teaching exactly how to live
or which way to go..
still i kept hoping
for someone
for anyone
to guide me
in this life…

and then the hopelessness
staring right in the face..
the knowing
that there’s nothing and no one to guide,
just the beating of this old heart
which i listen to
but don’t trust..

nothing and no one to guide,
not even the stars..
you’ve to be your own guide..
you’ve to steer your own way through the oceans..
you can have a crew,
but the ship’s wheel is in your own hands..
you’ve to take your own decisions and trust them,
you’ve to steer through the storms as well as the beautiful days..

you’ve to listen to your own heart
and trust it..


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