Drowning in Love

This feeling in the heart..
i want it to last..
heart-warming or heart-melting?
maybe both..
dont know how to describe it..
Haven’t felt it in so long!
Years maybe..

This feeling so close to him again..
This intimacy..
when there’s no walls between us,
no insecurities at all either..

This knowing..
that i will always love him, no matter what..
that i will always be loved by him..

This trust.. and faith
that everything will be okay
no matter what we go through..

These dreams.. that he makes me dream..
of being together..
of doing all things together..

Nothing lasts,
there’s impermanence everywhere..
But as long as it lasts,
as long as this beating heart lasts,
i want it to last with him…

He pulls off all the knots in my heart,
melting all my resistance for everything..
Maybe i wanted to run away from life coz nothing ever lasts,
but now…
i dont want to run away,
i want to live life
with him..
as long as it lasts..
Dont want to avoid life..

People come and go..
There’s nothing to gain or lose..
And yet, living life is here..

Thank You, Life..
for this lesson.
Life is meant to be lived.
Not to be avoided.
Facing everything, even the fears, one can see the truth..
Life is meant to be lived.
Not to avoid or run away.

Thank You, Life..
for bringing him back.
for this Love..
for dissolving all this resistance and knots..
for letting me feel this content
coz i want nothing more..
for letting me feel this free..
boundless, maybe one day..

Rumi said, “Only with the heart can you touch the sky.”
There’s a whole sky within my heart now..
Or am i delirious in Love?
i have no idea..

Drowning in Love,
all the other emotions and insecurities are gone..
Doesn’t matter if they come back or not,
coz i know..
coz i love..
coz nothing else matters
except this Love..

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