If there are some parts of you,

that need acceptance,

how do you make peace with that?

If just a mention of names of few people

upset and disturb you,

how do you make peace with that?

‘You are here now..


what the music says..

can you hear it?

You are here now

with all the highs and low

with all the in-betweens

with the melodies and gruffiness..

You are here now..

Why see them as people?

see them as your own Light..

Why see them as separate from yourself?

Separation causes suffering and sorrow

even jealousy and insecurity is a form of separation..

Tell me, if you were One with them,

if you saw them as your own Light,

that Light that is within everything and everyone,

how would you feel when you heard their name

or saw a text msg or thought about him meeting them?

Would it bother you?

Stop living in the mind.

If separation bothers you too much

in the form of insecurity,

you know where to go..


coz You are here now..

How can a drop of rain

be jealous and insecure of other drops?

Aren’t all the drops made of the same water of the Ocean?

You see the difference between you and others,

i see the sameness in all..

Where is the difference when the same Light shines in all of you

in everyone and everything..

Come out of the shadows

and be in the Light

be the Light..

coz you already are.. here now..’

Just listen..

You are here now..


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