I dont know what i’m supposed to feel..
I dont want to feel this way..
What if i felt it fully?
What if i let go?
What if i observed it?
What if i switched off?

I dont know what to do..

~ what are you feeling? ~
“insecure. jealous. want to destroy something, some part of me. want to run away from myself. want to not talk to anyone. want to go back to spirituality.”

~ what you’re feeling is normal. that’s how the world is. that’s how it makes you feel. coz there is no security ever. impermanence everywhere. so feeling insecure is okay.. feeling jealous is okay.. bcoz it only means that you want the same that others got. accept it. ~

“yes i am jealous, coz he put her pic as status update for her bday. and i wished i had a friendship like theirs. i dont have any friends. 😭i want to destroy myself coz i am not capable of forming friends, sometimes when i make friends i dont want to be friends with them.. coz they dont last. I dont want online friends.”

~ bro!! hahahah what are you stuck in? life is bigger than this! hahaha friends come and go. why you jealous of other friendships, wasn’t ours good? ~

yeah! but it ended.

~ so? every friendship, every relationship ends some day. isn’t that the truth of life?? hahaha where have you been stuck man!! you’re still such a kid! hahaha ~

hahaha no i’m not! you are!

~ hahaha such a kiddo bro hahahah ~



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