When you have heard of a band
and even listened to a few of its songs,
but they didn’t impress you at that time…
and then suddenly…
one day..
you see the first song on a saved playlist
and listen to it..
just perfect
just speechlessness..
its just amazing how music and random words express
how you feel..
how some musicians, their voices
and even a simple riff of a guitar expresses
that melancholy so perfectly..
maybe they were feeling exactly the same
and they just translated it into music,
wordlessly, perfectly..
coz they know and FEEL
what no one else seems to know..

Where would i have been without this rock music and bands?!
Still lost, perhaps..
Now, this music
subtly tells you, ‘yay! ay!

Hello, hello, hello.. how low?
hello, hello, hello.. how low?
hello, hello, hello… how low?


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