Feeling dragged all day
and then it hits me..

i’m carrying the memory of the slight insult and scoldings
and carrying it around
weight increased..
shoulders stooped..

i’m carrying that weight all around,
dreading going to college tomorrow,
when that is just what it is..
a memory.. something of the past..
especially a bad memory..
why am i repeating a bad memory
and hurting myself
when i dont want that..
good memories are to be cherished
bad ones are to be let go..
and yet i do the opposite..

do i want myself to suffer?
no, then why am i doing this to myself?
especially since it is in the past
and past is already gone,
what matters is present..
and why dont i treat tomorrow as a new day
like nothing happened
coz nothing really happened..
they were just some words
that i took personally, to be true..
what if those words didn’t mean anything..
what if they were fiction..
what if all this was in a story..

Why carry all that baggage for days
when i can just throw it away
and be relaxed..
and cheerful..
as if nothing happened..
coz nothing happened at all..


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