Clouds of loneliness
hover above in the sky..
i crawl , search, in vain,
to purge these feelings out
online somewhere, anonymously..
the diary lies hidden, closed today
as i seek validation from the internet world..

finally, tired,
i settle on the imaginary edge of a cliff
watching the sun set
leaving behind a trail of reddish hue
and the clouds
still hover above in the sky..

why do we feel lonely even among people
people we know,
some connection is missing..
perhaps the connection with Loneliness itself..
i run, i hide, i try to write these feelings down
not wanting to feel them,
what if Loneliness itself was a companion?
what if i never saw him with eager eyes to talk?
what if i sit down with Loneliness over a cup of coffee
or go on a walk in a garden..
what if i talk to him instead of running away
every time i see Loneliness lurking..
what if i listen to him talk?
how painful it would be to be Loneliness!
seeing everyone run away or hide or distract themselves
no one to talk to,
with eyes always asking
‘Will you not run away from me?
Will you sit next to me and listen or talk or just be quiet
so we can watch the sun set together?’

and slowly
an awkward friendship is budding
with Loneliness himself..


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