You are the Life

Let everything i do, say or think

be only for You..
coz You are the Life..
Let all the troubles and happiness
keep me on my knees
coz if i have this life
all i want is to sing Your Praise
Your Beauty
Your never-ending Grace and Presence..
We get so entangled in our own minds
we blame it on the world,
but what is the world..
The world is full of beauty,
Your Beauty..
its our own minds that blind us to Your Beauty..
i give You my life,
do whatever You want,
take me wherever You want..
All roads are same for me
as long as i get to worship You
and know You
and be on my knees to bow and be grateful
for everything that You gave..
what i get sick and tired of is my own mind..
but look! 
how You show me all of it again..
Your Beauty is always here..
The night is You..
The trees are You..
Nothing ever exists except You..
except Your ever-lasting Grace and Love..
Let me be on my knees
i dont want to live in my mind..
i dont want to be bound by this mind..
and yet,
sometimes i still become bound, chained..
and then feeling suffocating, irritating,
i know the signs,
You always show me the way out of the mind..
to just be..
in a split second..
Just be..
And the illusory chains vanish..
So what if the mind keeps coming back?!
Let it come back and bind me
coz that takes me back to You..
And You are the Life..
all dualities arise and fall in You..
Let me keep seeing You everywhere
Let me keep seeing You in every face..
doesn’t matter whether others can See You or not..
If i have this life,
i want nothing, except to worship and sing Your Praise
let everything else happen as You will..
i will walk any path You wish..
coz all paths lead me only to You..

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