being on my own,
i cant stop crying..
i know its partly biochemical
and partly bcoz i want to..

i’m tired,
of being there for everyone..
i want to hide

where are You?
i cant hear Your voice tonight..
i need Your love..

why dont they understand simple things
why are they so blind
it breaks my heart
that they can’t look and see You
the way You are..
blinded by thousand ideas
they can’t see You..

i just want to be away from the whole world
and be near You..
hear these sounds,
birds chirping, leaves rustling,
sky, clouds, sun..
all of You..
i just want to feel You..
the curtains made of cloth, fibers from Earth,
the bedsheet, pillow, the floor..
everything is You..

~ can i sit at Your feet tonight
and away from everything else? ~


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