The mind

Anonymous said: Can you talk about jealousy. Thank you.

Society overvalues certain things, the ability to get lots of money, beauty among other things. The people who have these things are propped up as examples of how we all should be or at least what we should strive for. The truth is we all have talents and good things to us and we all have flaws and bad things to us. These things, what you could call good and bad, make up the whole of a person. If you look at someone or hear of someone’s accomplishments or what they have or what they can do and are envious or jealous, try to see the whole of them. When you are jealous, you look at others good qualities and then look at your bad qualities and you feel less, you feel envious because look what they have or can do and look at what I can’t do or what I don’t have.

Try to, if you can, while your mind is being jealous or envious to look at the whole of the person. See their bad qualities or their flaws. Just try to get a glimpse of them and know that no matter how perfect or better than you they are they have flaws. They are there. No one is perfect. This comparing and judging, both of your self and of others, is only in the mind. Try to notice when your mind judges someone as good or your self as bad in comparison and know this is only in the mind. Without the mind, there is no judgement, no labeling. The truth is things just are as they are. The mind labels, judges, creates a “you” that is separate from everything else. This is what it does. This is what it is good at. Just try to notice it when it does this, try to observe the way it labels and judges and know that it is just what the mind does. It is not absolutely true. Just the mind doing what it does. Making thoughts. Making a you. A “you” that is seen as worse than other mind made “yous”.

~ It is what the mind does.
And when mind does that,
all you need to be is be aware,
be present,
every single time..
Be it jealousy, or ego arising,
or anything else..
Coz if you are You,
would you hurt another person ever?
you cannot even hurt a plant,
and hurting, getting jealous,
is all mind made..
All you need to do is observe but not to act.
Let those feelings be and see..
Remember of how you struggled at home
with anger about issues with mom
and how it gradually reduced
that now you can laugh about it..
Give this time too..
Go back to that place of serenity
and remind yourself
of who you are..
of who feels jealous,
of who thinks and wants..
and who are you..
beyond all those mind made things..
You are..
that attribute-less, formless,
unaffected, unchanging,
ever-present presence..
Observe those mind made things
from that point of Knowingness..
And slowly, all that will go away on its own..
Till then…
Let everyone be the way they are..
Who would know better than you
of how suffocating it feels
when you\’re not being as you are..
Let them be.. ~


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