~ i came across this quote, and even though i had previously read this long time back, i understand it more now.
Esp about feeling insecure and a little jealous or possessive..
Those feelings occur bcoz i forget and instead see you as an image.. assuming.. past.. fears come in.. but whenever i’m with you, i dont feel that way.. coz then there’s no image, no assumption coz i can see and feel the love and how much you care, in every word, in every action of yours.. simplest of things make my heart melt away..

i dont want to have any relationship with any images or assumptions..
i want to have what we had last night.. you said, ‘this relation that we have is unique. coz its between you and me..’ and it is so true.. what i feel with you, is something so incomparable, so precious that i dont want to lose it.. and i know its only natural to feel fear of losing something this precious..

we need to remember those moments together whenever fear comes.. atleast i need to. That was the idea behind writing in that heart diary.. To cherish, to remember what matters.. and thats how memory works isnt it..repeating what needs to be remembered..

So lets lose and forget our fears.. and remember just the precious bond, so intimate.. that i am so so soooo glad you didn’t let go.. i dont want to let go of it again ever.. the more i’m with you, the more it makes me want to promise that i wont let go of this, ever.. as long as the images don’t interfere, i wont..and when i’m weak or forget or become blind by images, remind me.. just remind me by writing some of our moments together. ~

i love you..

pucho kyun?! 😛


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