And the struggle dissolves

~ its so good to let things out.
its some kind of acceptance.
that it’s okay to feel that way.
and when i let it out, write it out,
suddenly it doesn’t seem to bother me anymore..
suddenly it’s all okay..
coz i know i have a choice
to be me.. the way i am..
i can ignore others, how they behave..
and still be me.. in the heart..
i’m always me..
no matter what the outer circumstances and situations..
and the struggle, the fight occurs because
something outside doesn’t coincide with what i am inside..
the struggle continues..
until i accept..
outer things may remain that way..
it doesn’t mean i ‘have to’ change who i am, how i am..
i can be me, and still live in the same situations..
and the struggle dissolves… ~


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