Love is all that matters

let me remember this..

~ i love you for who you are,
not what you do or don’t..
i love you as you are,
without wanting to change you,
sometimes i get irritated
or fearful of losing you,
of losing what we have again,
but i love you
beyond all those fears
and irritations
that are so temporary,
they fade away in a while..
i love you
with my whole heart
which never fades away
no matter how hard i tried..
i love you the way you are
with the good things that make my heart quicken
and bad things that are not really bad coz they help me face my fears..
After all, these dualities is what makes life
when these dualities merge
and make us one, together
no matter what..
Distance, people, things, situations
all that don’t matter..
What matters more is
our love..
that is all-enduring,
even time couldn’t make it fade away..
even fears don’t make it fade away..
fears do put a bit dust on it,
but all we have to do is wipe away those fears
coz there’s only love underneath.. ~

That is all that matters..


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