No right or wrong

maybe ignorance is bliss..

i dono what to do..
(what is there to do?)

maybe i just need to let it go..
coz i’m aware of the same old patterns
and i don’t want to act on them..
(you don’t have to!)
wish i could erase those memories and patterns
i had thought i had erased and forgotten,
but mind-brain-ego remembers..
i can do nothing
except be aware
of these patterns..
coz what is right and what is wrong?
something that i think of as wrong
may neither be right or wrong..
it just is what it is..
i see it as wrong, or right,
and bring my own suffering
through those patterns..

(why dont you lie down in that field
where there’s no right or wrong..
like Rumi said..
then the world will be too full of ideas to talk about
and what can you speak of from that place..
except silence..
coz the truth is there’s no duality
there’s no right or wrong
its how humans created a society to live in
and we are so deeply conditioned by it
that we can’t see our own patterns
it needs a lot of awareness
like a constant reasoning with the mind-ego,
reminding it of the truth again and again,
taking it to that field again and again,
by consciously acknowledging those patterns
and not reacting or acting on them
no matter how much you want to,
its so easy to lash out
to take revenge in some way
to hurt someone
and also so easy to trust them
trust their word
coz those words come from the same place
of your Heart..
why don’t you see That light in him
instead of all the other things?
See where that light comes from..
Isn’t it the same light
that makes the earth spin,
that makes the moon shine,
that makes the flowers bloom,
and that shines within you,
within him
and everyone else..
Come out of those mind games
and be where your heart is..
If you want to love, love..
There’s no games in love..
Love makes you blind
coz there’s only love..
rest all is blurred and faded
and doesn’t even matter..)


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