Maybe Love is Love

i thought i knew what love was,
but every time…
i still have no idea
and yet i’m in love..

maybe love is an understanding,
an acceptance of what is,
letting them be as they are,
maybe love is a gentleness,
a certain coldness in the middle of night
that makes you feel alive..
maybe love is watching a movie and thinking about them,
listening to a song and thinking about them,
maybe love is an openness,
being vulnerable
and opening your heart
even though you know someday it may end,
maybe love is a little hiding,
not talking about things that hurts them,
coz you cant see them hurt,
maybe love is a promise
to be there,
to make the uncertainties certain, even if for a while,
maybe love is sacrifice
you’d do anything to see them happy
to not see them in any difficulty,
maybe love is heartache
to bear a little heartache now n then
to just let them be,
maybe love is love..
undefinable like always
incomparable like always..

~ you’re sleeping so soundly right now, i wish i could tell you now, that i love you.. that i meant every ‘i love you’.. that i love being in love with you.. may you never have any problems, but you like problems and challenges, so may you always have the strength to overcome them.. may you have a smooth life and reach all your dreams and goals.. no, i’m not going anywhere lol, just writing what i’m feeling.. i love you, and these words are not enough anymore to tell you how i feel.. i just want to forget the whole world and love you wholeheartedly, one day at a time.. coz future makes my mind go haywire, so one day at a time.. one moment at a time.. just walk and be with me.. ~


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