all around..
i long for depth
of the oceans,
of the silent presence of Nature,
of more sattvikta..
i long for all that
knowing it doesn’t matter..
seeing the thoughts, continuous chatter,
jumping from one thing to another,
i notice them all,
yet i can’t stop them,
so i long for the stillness..
i miss and long for those silent moments
on the terrace, watching the sunset,
just being..

‘Aren’t you a being now as well?
Without or with thoughts,
you are..’

Yeah it doesn’t matter, these thoughts jumping around..
and yet…
i long for depth
of the oceans..
where there is stillness, silence,
peacefulness, and no-world,
but i will wait patiently
for that path again,
maybe i will walk it again,
maybe i won’t..
till then, i’d keep looking out for
those few moments
of stillness in the middle of this hustle-bustle..


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