The place where you are now (Hafiz)

This place where you are right nowGod circled on a map for you.Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can moveAgainst the earth and the sky,The Beloved has bowed there—Our Beloved has bowed there knowingYou were coming.I could tell you a priceless secret aboutYour real worth, dear pilgrim,But any unkindness to yourself,Any confusion about others,Will… Continue reading The place where you are now (Hafiz)



Superficialityall around..i long for depthof the oceans,of the silent presence of Nature,of more sattvikta..i long for all thatknowing it doesn't matter..seeing the thoughts, continuous chatter,jumping from one thing to another,i notice them all,yet i can't stop them,so i long for the stillness..i miss and long for those silent momentson the terrace, watching the sunset,just being..'Aren't… Continue reading Superficiality