Slowly seeping into thoughts

Far away from him,
yet she felt happier..
She missed him,
yet she felt happier..
Was it true that with love you can touch the skies?
Coz she felt like she was soaring..
And she wasn’t scared of falling,
free falling..

Every moment with him was always new, never same,
Every moment away from him, she cherished too,
eager to see him again..
Littlest things he did,
remembering she would want coffee or milk tea,
laughing together, hard,
rolling on the bed,
and getting into bed to just be near her in the early morning,
as she slept, holding her close,
knowing she loves it when he holds her close and pats her on the head,
all the littlest things he did
made her heart melt..

She thought missing and longing always brought heartache,
but this missing and longing was sweet,
she missed him
yet she felt happier..
Did he feel the same sweet longing?

And the eagerness to see him again..
He was slowly seeping into her thoughts all the time
and she liked it..
She still couldn’t express
and yet she wished she could kiss him
and show him how much he meant to her..


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