Evening confessions

Emptiness followed her like a shadow everywhere. She wanted to scream, shout, and tear and break everything.. but she couldn’t.
A slow despair kept building up inside her and she kept flaming it slowly, wishing it would flare up and swallow her whole.
She felt empty, hollow, barren of all that life was. She didn’t turn to anyone in her despair, human nor Nature, she wallowed in her despair and emptiness, knowing that it won’t last… just like every damn thing in this world, she won’t even be able to hold on to this despair and emptiness. It will go away only to resurface again when she would least expect it.
Emptiness along with aloneness is a lethal combination. And yet she couldn’t break down, she couldn’t cry, even though she wanted to. Perhaps she was waiting for the darkness to creep in. And the quietness of the night..
Maybe then she could disappear…

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