its not put up a mould when around other people..
kind of like shields, on automatic..
directly goes up..
and then you struggle,
feel suffocated in that mould,
and so you say it’s people,
you don’t like to be around people..
what you don’t like is – who you become when you’re around them..
what you don’t like is – feeling suffocated in the mould that goes around you automatically..
what you don’t like is – you can’t be yourself, free, as you are..
what you dont like is not people, its the mould you wear and weave..
different mould for different people..
you’re different as a friend than as a daughter,
you’re different as a sister than as a student…
moulds after moulds..
and yet you say you dont like being around people..
you want to be alone, you dont want to be around people
coz you can’t be yourself around them..
always a mould..
and these moulds, these different personalities are so automatic
you can’t even help it..
coz it’s like oxygen tank and mask,
you need them to survive in the ocean..
The world is no different
and you need moulds to survive..
So what if they suffocate you a bit every time?!
Keep coming to surface to breathe in,
Keep breaking the moulds every now n then,
and be alone by your own side whenever you can..


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