Fly away

And then
a song says it all..
what you wanted to hear..
that it’s okay..
just fly away…

Panchiyaa ft. Amit Trivedi and V Selvaganesh

How many faces will you search?
How many streets will you walk?
You don’t walk on one path,
keep wandering off in places..
Tell me, what are you searching for?
Just fly away, o bird…
Just fly off..

It’s so ironic..
the heart wants to dedicate and devote itself
to just one person or one thing
or the One..
and yet the mind keeps wandering off in the world
never letting the heart to stay in one place..
Maybe it’s this conflict that i hate..

Why can’t i devote every single moment to You?

…and then just about to fall asleep
and an answer..
i was looking for answers outside,
i was looking for answers and someone to guide me, outside..
when You are right here within me..
All the outer guides don’t matter, do they?
Only this heart..
That had given me answer that day too 3 years back
crying hard near the treadmill at the temporariness..
and then that answer..
This heart was there then..
This heart is here now..
Maybe i should start trusting my heart more
instead of waiting for guidance from outside..


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