And then reading about the truth,
the reality,
the Self..
a peacefulness comes back..
Forgetting what is what,
we bang our heads lol
Not knowing what is reality and what is illusion,
mind thinks it knows everything,
and then suffers…
and now i just want to laugh
at my own stupidities..

There is no reality but God.

and all else doesn’t even exist..
and yet we get so involved in illusion
that we forget what is real..
like seeing a rope in dark
and taking it for a snake
and getting scared like hell..

There is no reality but God.

all this going on.. is nothing..
nothing at all..
does it even matter what happens or not?

just let go of mind’s tendencies
and poooof!
magic haha

Characteristics of the Self:

– non personal, all-inclusive awareness
– always present
– always experienced 
– one is only consciously aware of it as it really is when the self-limiting tendencies of the mind have ceased.
– pure being
– subjective awareness of ‘I am’ (completely devoid of feeling i am this or that)
– no subjects or objects, only awareness of being.
– being-consciousness-bliss
– formless
– not the creator of the Universe,  the universe is merely a manifestation of His inherent power
– Hridayam, center
– Beyond the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep (present in all three states, not seperate)


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