Help me find it

i dono where to go from here..
it all used to seem so clear
i’m finding i can’t do this on my own..

i dono where to go from here
as long as i know that You are near..
i’m done fighting..
i’m finally letting go..

i will trust in You.,
You’ve never failed before..
i will trust in You..

if there’s a road i should walk,
help me find it..
if i need to be still,
give me peace for a moment..
whatever your will..
whatever your will..
can You help me find it?
can You help me find it?

When i started to walk on this path
there was no one to guide,
and yet You kept showing me the path..
i feel lost again..
this world seems too much..
i dont want to do anything,
i dont even want to live..
everything is meaningless..
how many more breaths?
how many more steps?
which way do you want me to go?
just show me that path..
i will take any path you tell me to..
i dont want this confusion..
that feeling of ‘not wanting to get married’ is still so strong..
and yet, everyone else wants me to get married..
i dont want to..
i cant..
do i listen to my heart?
or them?
i dono..
i cant not listen to my heart..
tell me what to do..


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