Already living

i dono what i’m doing in life…

What am i supposed to do?
Go this way or that?
i never know..
i dont want to go back,
i dont want to move forward..

Why cant i just be?
Why all these games to play?
How do i get out of these games?

Everything seems meaningless..
Even this melancholy..

It was the possibility that had kept me going,
living each moment
coz any moment would have the possibility..
the hope..

And now this hopelessness..
no possibility..
only brings this dejected feeling..
like in a trap..
but there are no bars
its not a prison either..
It’s life…
boundless life..
there are no boundaries..
And i dono how to live!

‘But you’re already living..
How would you be alive if you didn’t know how to live?!
Just take a few breaths..
And just be…
Let go of all the roles
let go of mind’s chatter
and just be..
Coz you are not the one who does things
and takes on the roles 
and plays games..
You just are..
Being.. (Not ‘doing’..)
All you can do is just be..
Just like the breeze is..
Just like the night sky is..
Just like the clouds are..
They just are..
and so are you..
There’s no effort in being..
Drop all the effort
and just be…’


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