New Now

Another year..

Numbers change,
people change,
the faces you once knew
lost in crowds..
Body grows older,
Earth completes another round
around the sun..
The same stars shine in the sky..
Same moon..
Same breeze and clouds..
New place becomes old,
new year becomes old,
new excitement fades away,
newness never remains the same
coz it becomes a habit, repetitive..
Isn\’t the new-ness a now?
That way every now is new
yet we fail to see it..
habituated by seeing either past or future
tangled up in words like new and old,
past and future..
when all there is, is now..
Isn\’t every now a new one?
How to keep every now a new one?
Just be present, it\’s that easy..
Let all the ideas fall away
about how things should be, could be..
Just be present…
and every now is a new one..
coz every new is now..


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