A story

A story..
stirs up the emotions again..
Strawberry glasses shattered..
We don’t say things that must be said
and then it’s too late..
We get too caught up in our own thoughts and feelings
that we don’t see what they must’ve felt..
Why don’t we talk about things that matter?
Is it that hard to say i’m sorry and mean it?
Is it that hard to trust someone again?
Is it that hard to open up your heart again?

You don’t want to open your heart
and then you say you don’t feel the love..

~ i miss a girl friend, close one…
like how i was with samps..
but she isn’t here
no one here is close
or like her to understand me
to let me be me
to talk all serious things and silly things.. ~

~ Nana.. where are you? ~


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